Summer of Code Project (InstantMirror)

Finally, i am writing about my this year google summer of code project InstantMirror.

From wiki of InstantMirror

InstantMirror is meant to solve repository replication problem in efficient way.Various modern techniques are utilized and combined like Squid-like reverse proxy cache and cache expiry algorithm, rsync-like local directory trees, Torrent style efficient swarming many-to-many data replication. This project if implemented would dramatically improve the efficiency and timeliness of repository replication. This could be very useful for mirror networks like, Fedora, Debian, CPAN, etc.

This means, if I am able to complete the project this can be helpful in various organizations for replication.

For more technical details about the project visit Wiki or hangout on #instantmirror irc channel of freenode or join Mailing List for development details.


~ by atulaggarwal on May 21, 2009.

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