Running windows application behind proxy

There are several applications (of course network app.) which does not support for proxy servers. So it almost becomes impossible to use those applications. I have faced these problems for a long time before I found the solution. One of the these kind of applications is Microsoft Internet Games. It has no support for proxy settings and hence cannot be played behnd proxy.

The software which can direct all the direct connection traffic is Proxifier which is now paid. You can add several proxy chain to this software and all the traffic is redirected through the proxy chain.

Configuring Proxifier is quite simple, just add the proxy server in the proxy chain and you are done with the configuration. However you must check the proxy while adding as only those proxy which support CONNECT methods are allowed. You should also add the local ip range whose traffic should not be routed through the proxy chain. Proxifier has the functionality of adding applications/ip ranges which must be/must not be proxified.

P.S. I didn’t know proxifer is paid now, maybe because I am running a beta/old version of the software. I have found some alternatives to Proxifier like Hummingbird. I will review them and post the information.


~ by atulaggarwal on April 26, 2009.

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