Proxy setting in Subversion

Subversion is an important tool which needs to be configured to use proxy in case of user is behind proxy server. To add proxy support in svn edit the file ~/.subversion/servers (On Windows it is in “%APPDATA%Subversionservers”) and add the required proxy settings in the [global] group. You can also set the proxyusername and proxy password in the [global] group in case your proxy needs authentication.

After editing your servers file will look as.


http-proxy-host = proxyip

http-proxy-port = proxyport

http-proxy-username = username

http-proxy-password = proxypassword

If you are experiencing the error as:

svn: path to server file:line Section header expected

You have put the proxy configuration in wrong place, i.e. not under [global] group. Try commenting the line number mentioned and put the proxy information in [global] group to rectify the problem.

For more information see FAQ (subversion)

If you use tortiosesvn as your svn client in windows, adding proxy is one minute job (may be less). Follow these steps:Get the proxy settings from your Network Administrator or ISP

  1. Right-click on the desktop or in any folder to get the context menu, select the ‘settings’ option under the TortoiseSVN menu item
  2. Select the ‘Network’ section in the left pane of the window
  3. Check the ‘Enable Proxy Server’ checkbox
  4. Enter in the proxy server settings, and you are done.

~ by atulaggarwal on April 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “Proxy setting in Subversion”

  1. Nice post

  2. Thanks a lot. Saved an hour for me!

  3. Very Helpful n thank U

  4. still not working

    Updating the Social-Engineer Toolkit, be patient…
    svn: OPTIONS of ‘’: Could not resolve hostname `′: Host not found (

  5. problem solve by changing http-proxy-host = to
    http-proxy-host =

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