My Last GSOC (Adding proxy support in Sip Communicator)

Last year (2008), i got selected as google summer of code student for Sip Communicator for the project Adding Http/Socks proxy for Sip Communicator. That was my first contribution to the open-source world.

I completed the project with adding proxy support to several protocols in sip communicator like jabber, rss feed, ssh, aim, icq, irc etc. However, i could not add proxy support in yahoo and msn. Both of these requires high refracting of their respective library.

During the course of project, i modified java jabber library smack to add proxy support and sent the patch to library which accepeted by patch to integrate it into smack trunk. I also sent the patch to pircbot (irc java library) but didn’t got any reply from it.

Hence during the course of summer of code project, I did contribute to smack, pircbot, sip communicator. However Sip Communiator has not integrated proxy support in the trunk yet and has planned to release this feature in 2.0. The code integration will start once the branch for 1.0 release is segregated from the main trunk. I need to merge the code into current trunk as the trunk has been changed a lot since my last commit to proxy branch.

If you want to try the proxy branch you may checkout the code from sip communicator using the command

svn co

However this branch does not contain current trunk and hence you will have to face the bugs which has been resolved now or nice gui which has been setup after my last commit. I am trying to integrate the proxy code into current trunk in branch named proxy2. You may download the code from it but as per now, it has only global proxy config plugin, and proxy support for one protocol. I will try to complete it as soon I have some time.


~ by atulaggarwal on April 26, 2009.

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