Linux applications behind proxy

There are tons of applications in linux which does not have proxy support and using them behind proxy is not an easy task. I have been in search for Proxifer alternative for linux, but couldn’t find it. I tried some softwares for it but they didn’t perform as required.

I was trying to checkout the source code of koffice (for gsoc purposes) and found the library which made it possible. The library is transconnect which is hosted on  The steps to use this library are:

  1. Download the latest source code from the website. (You need to manually build as binaries are not distributed).
  2. Build the binaries by using make and install the lib. using make install.
  3. Edit the ~/.tconn/tconn.conf file to include the proxy host,port, username and password to be used.
  4. If you need all the traffice to be routed through the proxy server, type export LD_PRELOAD=~/.tconn/tconn.conf in the terminal and start the application by the terminal.

If you don’t want to use the proxy server you may type unset LD_PRELOAD and now all the traffic will be sent as per the application.

One point which is to be noted is that you need to set LD_PRELOAD manually for every terminal you use or you may include this command in the .bashrc file.

Also if you need the proxy support in some graphically application, you need to start the application from the terminal only.

Transparent network over HTTP (transconnect) is a great application and more information can be seen in the page of Transconnect. Transconnect is licenced under GPL licence.


~ by atulaggarwal on April 26, 2009.

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